July 04, 2006


I assume everyone has seen The Devil Wears Prada by now, and if you haven't, you might want to skip this post since I am about to give away some details.

First of all, I loved the movie. I liked it better than the book. The director/screenwriters definitely took quite a few liberties with the movie so there are quite a few differences between the book and the movie.

For example, in the book, Andy graduated from Brown, whereas the movie depicts her as a Northwestern graduate. Her boyfriend, Nate, is a school teacher in the book, but in the movie his ambition is to be the head chef of a good restaurant, which by the way, he achieves in the end. Her best friend, Lily works in an art gallery in the movie, but in the book she is a graduate student of Russian literature. The trio is joined by another friend who appears gay and was never mentioned in the book. The movie also shows Andy and Nate living together which isn't the case in the book.

While the movie does show both Andy and Emily carrying lots of orange Hermes shopping bags full of scarves for Miranda, it does not do justice to her penchant for the white scarves as told in the book. Movie Miranda is not seen wearing the Hermes scarf everyday like book Miranda.

Andy is shown to be a lot more adept at her job in the movie than in the book. For example, the Harry Potter incident. In the book, Andy barely manages to get the unpublished manuscript and that too only one copy of it, resulting in another of Miranda's scathing remarks. However, the movie Andy is clever enough to not only have made two copies for her boss' twins but she also gets the books to the twins ahead of schedule.

Remember how Andy takes Emily's place in the Paris trip simply because Emily becomes horribly sick and bed-ridden? The movie shows Miranda telling Andy that she must come to Paris with her and she must tell Emily of this decision as well. So in the movie, we get to see that Miranda has started preferring Andy to Emily.

During the Paris trip, Andy and Nate take a break from each other and Andy has a one-night stand with Christian, the writer guy. All she does in the book is kiss him, there is no hint of any 'sleeping together.'

The movie definitely makes Miranda a more human, more sympathetic character than the book. She is shown to be in a bad marriage which ends in divorce (something that does not happen in the book). She is shown to give Andy a good recommendation for her next job (again, something that never happens in the book). The movie also shows Miranda's position as Editor-in-Chief of American Runway to be in peril when there is talk that the Chairman of Elias-Clark is planning to replace Miranda with the younger Editor-in-Chief of French Runway. The book never discusses anything like this. Hence, the book also does not have the event where Miranda uses her right-hand man, Nigel, to get out of her predicament.

All in all, I felt the above-mentioned twists and turns added further depth to the movie and made the protagonists more real than in the book. Of course, it was much tougher keeping up with the clothes than with the plot itself. I dared not blink for fear of missing a great sweater here or an amazing necklace there. My favorite look on Anne Hathaway was the white shirt/boatneck sweater/black pants/ Chanel layered necklaces/ newsboy cap she wore in one of the scenes when she is at Miranda's townhouse to drop off the Book. I searched all over the net for a picture but sadly, couldn't find it. So I'm posting a still of my second favorite outfit of Andy wearing a simple yet beautiful olive Calvin Klein dress.

If you've seen the movie, let me know what you thought!

photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox.


Anonymous shopdiary said...

looking forward to the movie. i have a feeling i'm going to prefer this over the book as well.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely think the movie is better than the book. I thought the book was poorly written and sort of lame. And I loved Emily Blunt's character... the writers gave her some really good lines.

1:44 PM  
Blogger eurobrat said...

Loved it. I couldn't stand the whinging tone of LW's book, but the film was great. Meryl Streep + Patricia Field = 1 great flick.

12:41 AM  
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Anonymous Briana said...

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12:25 AM  
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