August 26, 2006

I wore this last saturday, forgot to post the picture. I think this dress overwhelms my frame a little. I'm under 5' 5", so I always tend to wear heels, otherwise this dress would totally look like a sack on me. I think tiered skirts and dresses look better on taller ladies.

Oh well, it was hot and I needed to be comfy and this dress is white and loose and light.

Layered the swooping bird and garnet necklaces together. Bright blue wedges completed the look.

August 25, 2006

I had a few people emailing about the Zachary's Smile dress I posted about a few days ago, not to mention various people commented they loved it. So, I decided to that ZS deserves its own post.

Zachary's Smile is a small boutique in NYC's Greenwich Village that stocks vintage clothing from the 1940s through 1980s. Very eclectic, very original. Their own line offers pieces with a vintage-y feel mixed with quirky charm. Not to mention they are all one of a kind. Barneys is also carrying selected pieces from their line.

If you're in NYC, I would recommend checking out their store. However, keep in mind that their line for Barneys is exclusive to the department store.

August 23, 2006

Zac Posen is not a new name in women's wear. But Zac is not exactly known for his accessories. Well, that might be about to change.

Behold trendsetters Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan showing off some arm candy from Zac Posen. Lindsay is carrying the Beatrice Drawstring bag whereas Rachel shows some love to the Chain bag.

Here's a smaller version of Rachel's bag shown on his FW 2006 runway.

I must say I am not too fond of either bag. The drawstring bag looks a bit more original than the chain bag. The chain bag bears too much resemblance to various Prada creations to be truly original.

August 22, 2006

Dress by Zachary's Smile. Created exclusively for Barneys. What I love about this dress is that every dress ZS made for Barneys is a one of a kind creation. No two are exactly the same. There are differences in patterns and colors between all dresses made for the Barneys line.
Since the dress is so colorful, I went with neutral pumps by Kenneth Cole.

August 20, 2006

My fellow blogger Shopdiary recently posted about the dark nailpolish trend sweeping the fashion industry and I must say I am incredibly happy about that. When it comes to polish, I favor extremes. It has to be very pale or very dark.

I am currently obsessed with OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. It's a black-purple that's not as harsh as pure black but makes an equally strong statement. If you prefer a redder base, I highly recommend Essie Wicked. If a color can be called midnight red, this is it.

Other great deep shades include: Essie Downtown Brown, Chanel Vamp, OPI Oh to be 25 again, Maybelline Vintage Burgundy, Essie Lady Godiva, Covergirl Violet Vamp and Rimmel 855 Torrid. Out of these, Torrid, Vintage Burgundy and Violet Vamp have shimmery finishes.

While I may favor dark colors, I love to sport pale fingertips and when I go pale, I stick to the best in the business. Otherwise known as Essie Mademoiselle (shell pink), OPI Infatuation (very pale peach), Essie Jazz (pale beige), Sally Hansen Innocent Nude (nude ivory) and OPI Pinking of You (pale bubble gum pink).

What's your preference when it comes to nail color?

August 18, 2006

Here's the long-awaited discount code from the fabulous Claudette. I couldn't stop raving about Claudette jewelry to my friends and in my post a few days ago. Beautifully crafted with semi-precious stones and in sterling silver or gold-filled wiring and very affordable. I will let the pictures do the talking.

The discount coupon code for Claudette jewelry is "WWND" and it is valid for 20% off all orders till September 18th. I know my friends and I will be stocking up. What about you?

August 17, 2006

Check out these beauties. They are under US$50 and available right now from the Gap. I love a bargain! Not to mention, they are bound to go on sale within a month or two, if you are willing to wait.

The ballet flats are available in gunmetal, gold and black and the wedges have the following color options: plum, brown and a dark denim.

And at those prices and with such good looks, totally worth Fall-ing for! *Ahem*

August 15, 2006

Hilary and Haylie Duff are taking their sisterly bond one-step further and appearing as, what else, wealthy sisters, in their upcoming movie titled Material Girls. Hilary is cute, whereas Haylie is, umm, Haylie. Neither sister seems to possess much talent in the acting arena either. I know Haylie is currently starring in Broadway's Hairspray but seriously, how much acting chops does that require?

When I caught the trailer of Material Girls, my first thought was 'oh, this is another movie catering mainly to the pre-teen set' and my second was 'hold on a sec, haven't I see this before?' It reminded me of pretty much every Mary-Kate & Ashley movie out there, along with the real-life movie of Paris & Nikki Hilton, without the bankruptcy, that is.

And like the Hiltons, the Duffs should stick to what they apparently do best- shopping. At least, there will be cute clothes in their movie.

So, who's next? Jessica and Ashlee, perhaps?

Their movie could be called From Rags to Riches: The Minister's Girls. :D

August 11, 2006

One of my best friends is of Indian origin (I'm not Indian though) and her Mehendi is tonight. The Mehendi is a south asian ritual when the bride's hands and feet get adorned with Henna. This event is followed by the actual wedding.

This is the outfit I was gifted to wear tonight since I will be acting as a 'bridesmaid', so exciting! It's called Salwar Kameez. There is a third piece to this outfit called the dupatta which I forgot to photograph. The embroidery and stone-detailing on the silk-chiffon material is amazing. I have seen such outfits in Little India and they usually cost upwards of $400.

Being a Torontonian, I have friends from literally every culture and I truly cherish that. I also have a traditional Thai outfit, unfortunately I can no longer fit into it.

In my opinion, African, Japanese (as far as kimonos are concerned) and South Asian cultures have some of the most colorful and ornate traditional garments.

I am totally looking forward to tonight and this weekend!!

August 09, 2006

A rolling Kate gathers no Moss.

Kate has been admitted to the Vanity Fair Best-dressed Hall of Fame. This month, she graces not only the cover of VF (USA) but also the UK edition of Vogue. We all know that the September issues are the most-awaited style issues of the year.

Other models take note: A scandal might just be the best thing to ever happen to your career!
I'm not really a brand/label snob. As long as the product is well-made and good-looking, I'll buy it. I'm always on the lookout for fun and unique items. One recent discovery is Icon shoes.

Icon shoes happen to be the first company to print the works of artists such as Warhol, Pollock, Gauguin etc. on shoes, handbags and accessories. They basically create wearable art. More information on stores and availibility can be found at their website.

When I heard about them, I thought it was a novel concept and was pretty excited to check them out. Their handbags are ok but after browsing through their shoe selection, I must say I am of two-minds. While there are a few exceptions, most of the styles look dated and not very appealing. But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So, do these appeal to you? Will you be willing to dish out upwards of USD$200 for a pair?

August 08, 2006

UPDATE: Claudette of Claudette jewelry has very kindly offered to give a discount to WWND readers. I will be posting with details soon, so hold on before you place an order. :)

I've been asked about my jewelry more times than I can count. On this blog, by my friends, randomly on the street. But I seriously don't have any secrets to divulge. I usually buy my jewelry at small independent boutiques. Travelling also affords me diverse jewelry options. I found one of my favorite earrings of all time in Fort Bragg, North Carolina while visiting a friend. I still have a necklace I got in Singapore from a tiny boutique next to my hotel.

I also scour Ebay for unique finds. Sometimes there are great bargains to be had. Just be careful that the material is of good quality when buying. I once bought a necklace without really researching the metal, and after one wear, the gold tone wore off, to reveal the black metal underneath.

I like Shopbop and Pink Mascara for their selection of costume jewelry. I like to support up and coming designers and one of my current favorites is Claudette.

I have this ring by Claudette:

It features green onyx, turquoise and blue topaz. I love bold rings as much as I like dainty ones. The great thing about Claudette jewelry is that everything is done in sterling silver or gold-filled wire and with semi-precious stones at pretty reasonable prices.

Another favorite designer is Nathan & Moe. Sure, some of the stuff are overpriced but there are certain pieces which I absolutely adore. Plus, jewelry should be thought of as investments, specially if it's made of quality materials and precious or semi-precious stones.

Whenever I am at Neiman Marcus, I thoroughly browse their main floor where they stock beautiful 14k gold-filled chandelier earrings and semi-precious necklaces made of peridot and citrine. I also like the costume jewelry sold at stores like Nordstrom in the U.S. and the Bay in Canada. If you are observant, you might find good stuff among the Monet and Miriam Haskell collections carried by Macys. If you are in NYC and have the means, a great place to go is Henri Bendel. They always have a good selection.

For fine jewelry, I am a big fan of Ippolita. I usually place custom orders for fine jewelry. My mom is a big believer of having custom-made fine jewelry sets made, so we have been going to a couple of jewellers' for a long time now.

When looking for jewelry, keep an open mind. If you are someone who never goes to department stores for jewelry, you should check them out, you might be surprised. Never underestimate a hole in the wall boutique, those are the best places to score completely unique gems. Also, try your local Little India or Little Italy or Little China for ethnic, one of a kind pieces.

Now that I've ranted on, it's my turn to ask. Where do you go for your jewelry?

August 07, 2006

Tommy Hilfiger peach shirt. The color is not as light as it comes across in the picture. Joe's Jeans in starlet. Long twisted turquoise necklace.
Canada is celebrating a statutory holiday today, so heading out for some shopping and driving around.

August 04, 2006

I love the fact that my job is in a creative field. It allows me diverse wardrobe options. I know my banker friends would never be able to get away with some of the outfits I don occasionally.
I didn't get time to take a picture of my outfit last night, but since I bought the pieces online, I have just compiled them here.

Ella Moss top. Johnson shorts. Seychelles shoes. The shoes are a deeper blue than they come off in the picture. I have that Ella Moss top in two colors (well, actually, my sister owns the Flame version pictured, but I can borrow it, hehe). The raspberry is already sold out. The Flame is still available at Revolve. I belted the top, otherwise it's too billowy. I got it in a small, but now I am thinking of having my tailor make it a bit more fitted, so that I can wear it without a belt as well.

August 03, 2006

I love headbands. I love scarves as headbands. I love long necklaces as headbands. Yes, long necklaces. It's do-able. I've done it.

Headbands are great no matter what the season. From 40-something Madonna to 20-something Nicole, which celeb hasn't rocked this look? That's because headbands and scarves wrapped around the head flatter almost everyone. Plus this is one look that appeals to all price points.

Frederic Fekkai, Jennifer Ouellette and Cara makes some of the cutest and hottest headbands. I feel wide headbands look good with hair up, and even better with hair down, whereas thinner ones seem to flatter mostly updos.

As far as scarves are concerned, you can never go wrong with a Pucci-printed scarf. Polka dots are also great. Try them wrapped around the head, or covering the elastic holding the ponytail, or even weaved around a loose braid.

Intuition and Nordstrom carry a good selection online. Aldo accessories have some seriously cute headbands as well, at an unbeatable price.

Go on, accessorize your hair.
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